Citi Mini Double Stroller Review

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4.6/5 on November 15, 2013

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When living the urban life, time can catch up on you because of all the things you need to do. It can get pretty stressful when errands pile up so you need all the help you can get.

That’s what the Citi Mini Double Stroller is for. Having kids need not hinder or slow you down from ticking things off your to do list because this stroller can certainly enable you to still finish you errands and manage your time wisely.


Features that Make the Citi Mini Double Stroller an “Urban Mobility” Necessity

1. Quick Fold Technology

The Citi Mini Double Stroller comes with a patented quick fold technology that conveniently allows you to fold it with just one hand. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a removable auto lock so you can still keep the stroller closed even when folded.

2. Comfortable and Secure Seats

Each padded seat of the Citi Mini Double Stroller is reclinable to a near flat position which is very helpful if your tots get tired or if you have babies around 2-3 months old so they can sleep comfortably. Moreover, what parent wouldn’t love the perks of these seats having vented seat tops and retractable weather covers? Not all strollers come with this accessory when you buy it. For your peace of mind, this stroller features five point harnesses that are easily adjustable, complete with shoulder pads and buckle covers to so that you can be assured that your kids are
securely strapped inside the stroller.

3. Huge Multi-Position Canopies

This stroller has your kids’ best interests at heart so even the canopies were designed to give them utmost protection. They are large and individually adjustable so you can adjust it to the specific direction to where the sun hits your children’s faces. They also come with peek-a-boo windows so you can easily keep an eye on your kids and they can see you every now and then as well.

Other Helpful Features:

  • Front wheel suspension provides a stable ride for your babies.
  • 8” lightweight quick release EVA wheels feature sealed ball bearings.
  • The dual swiveling front wheel can also lock into place if you want to go on long distance strolls.

Customer Scores and Reviews

The Citi Mini Double Stroller, as of this writing, holds an average rating 4.5 out of 5 stars over a total of 23 customer reviews. So far, 16 gave it 5 stars, 5 gave it 4 stars, 1 gave it 3 stars, o for 2 stars and finally, 1 for a single star. Here are some of the features parents especially liked.

1. Quick Assembly and User-Friendly

Many parents, even moms, find assembly of the Citi Mini Double Stroller to be a cinch with manual instructions that are easy to understand. They were even more thrilled to know that it’s easy to use, with no features having any complicated procedures. That alone is already a promising start of what good things this stroller can do.

2. Easy Maneuverability

Although a side-by-side stroller can be a little challenging to maneuver, most parents consider the Citi Mini Double Stroller to be an exception. With a good turning radius, navigation is quite smooth even with 2 kids inside and can amazingly pass through standard doorways and aisles at the mall. Pushing the stroller is easy even with just one hand.

3. Easy Folding and Storing

A couple said that they found this stroller to be really easy to collapse and store even if their model doesn’t come with an automatic locks. Of course, as it’s a double stroller, it can’t fold as compactly as a single stroller does but so far, it folds down quite compactly for its size. As one mom shared, it folds flatter compared to other strollers, fits her trunk with no problems and still have room available for her groceries and other shopping bags.

4. Reclinable and Roomy Seats

Seats are reclinable which really comes in handy when you have an infant below 6 months old because he or she can sleep quite comfortably while you’re going about your errands. It’s also deep enough for older kids to be comfortable while riding. Some parents commented that their kids have to lean forward though to see each other but this isn’t really a major issue. If anything, some parents like that the kids have some sort of privacy from the other so that they won’t end up fighting.


Some flaws parents found of the Citi Mini Double Stroller are nothing really major but still could work as suggestions of improvement to the manufacturer. For starters, there’s not much storage space for a diaper bag and the storage basket is a bit hard to access especially if you have bigger bags. Moreover, it doesn’t come with storage where you can put your things like your phone, keys and the like.

The second concerns that of accessories. One mom said she wished that the stroller came with a parent or kid tray. On that note, another dad said that at the price the Citi Mini Double Stroller comes, some of the accessories should have been included too like the parent or kid trays.


The Citi Mini Double Stroller, which is NOT made for jogging purposes, was dubbed by its manufacturers as “an award winning stroller that captures the essence of urban mobility.” By the praises it got, many of the parents agree with this statement. Flaws it had proved to be a minor issue because overall, it doesn’t affect the stroller’s overall performance. As one dad said, it’s neither the lightest nor the strongest double stroller but it’s a good compromise for the money.

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