Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

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3.7/5 on November 18, 2013

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Whoever said you need to give up your fitness routine when you have kids? The reality is you need to stay healthy all the more because you now have your little ones who are counting on you everyday.

Because many people believe and support this cause, so many products these days are made to cater to one’s health and fitness lifestyle. So let’s say you’ve always been into jogging, can you do it with both your kids in tow? Well, you definitely can with the Tike Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller.

Features of the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller that Offer Great Assurance while You are Jogging

1. Durable Frame

As you’ll be out jogging along pavements, the durability of your stroller is definitely a priority concern. How sure are you that it can stand going through such a terrain? Well, the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller’s aluminum and rugged oval-shaped frame can certainly put your mind at ease because such material has been proven to withstand going through uneven surfaces you’ll inevitably pass through while jogging so you can be sure your babies are going to be okay during your whole run.

2. Good Deal with the Wheels

The Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller is equipped with a front swivel wheel so you won’t have difficulty navigating your way as you run. It is 12” in diameter and comes with an adjustable tracking system. Back wheels are 12” wide and features a push button quick release. The stroller’s pneumatic tires also provide a smooth ride for your kids onboard.

3. Gear-Packed for a Snappy Ride

The stroller’s IFD shox suspension, dual rear suspension and dual rear parking brake ensure a snappy but safe ride for your kids. You need not fret over suddenly losing control of the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller while you are running because such features are designed to avoid that kind of dangerous situation.

4. Secure Harnesses

Of course, to ensure your child’s safety, harnesses must be designed cleverly. This Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller comes with a 5-point harness that keeps your kids securely buckled in for your jog. What’s more, this harness has been designed with children 1 month and up in mind so you can easily adjust for accommodation as your child grows.

5. Versatile Canopies

What’s great about this stroller’s canopies is its versatility. You can move it to change positions depending on the need. It certainly won’t be hard protecting your child from the sun’s change of position with such a feature. Moreover, the its canopies come with large-shaped moon roofs and a removable rear sun flap so you can be sure that your kids are protected from sun, rain and possible insect bites.

Other Helpful Features

  • The stroller’s ergonomic handle gives you a secure and comfortable grip. It can be adjusted according to your height as well.
  • Each seat is reclinable, soft and padded so that your kids are riding in comfort whether you are strolling or jogging.
  • The Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller is easy to collapse so you’re sure to have no trouble when it comes to packing and transporting it.
  • It can accommodate infant car seats which include Graco Snugride, Britax Chaperone and Graco 32.
  • You can buy optional accessories designed for it. These are its car seat adapter infant seat insert, all-season cover, saddle bag, foot muff and double water bottle holder. All accessories are just as helpful to make it easier and more convenient for you and your kids.

Customer Scores and Reviews

The Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller holds an average rating of 4 stars over a possible 5. Out of the whole 22 reviews, 10 gave it 5 stars, 6 gave it 4 stars, 1 gave it 3 stars, 3 gave it 2 stars and finally 2 gave it 1 star. Here are the common features that they liked.

1. Good Quality Fabric

One of the common praises users gave for the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller is the great quality of its fabric material. They find it durable with a very nice and soft feel. Kids are sure to be comfortable onboard even when you are jogging through terrain with little bumps here and there.

2. Easy to Push even on Narrow Doors and Passageways

One parent shared that she finds the shocks and turnable front wheel great because it does what it’s supposed to do which is to make this stroller easy to push and turn. A huge plus factor for another mom is it fits through practically all doors. She happily shared that she was able to use this stroller “shopping around a small town” and had no problem passing through its narrow doors and aisles.

3. Great Swivel Wheels

The front swivel wheel of the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller gets through tricky terrain perfectly. Overall, the stroller navigates well on different kinds of terrain as well. One parent enthusiastically shared that they have take it to through rocky paths, beach, grass, rodeos and even mud and they never encountered a difficulty as far as getting the stroller around is concerned.

4. Plenty of Room

Most parents are happy to note that this stroller has got enough leg room for each child so this means that the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller can grow with them. Such a feature is important because not only are your children snug and comfortable in their seats, you get to save in the long run as well because you can use the stroller for years to come.

5. Large Canopies that Really Protect

When you’re out for a jog, you’re mostly under open sky so the large canopies of the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller is very useful. No need to worry about the harmful UV rays because its big canopies completely block out the sun. You’ll get to appreciate this more when you have your seats fully reclined to accommodate your sleeping kids and still, they are covered from the sun. If it suddenly rains, your kids are just as protected.


While certainly not applicable to the majority, one problem a few parents encountered with the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller concerns its seats which tended to sag in the middle. One mother thought of a way to fix this problem. if you’ll check, there’s a small loop between the two seats which is used to affix the carseat safety strap. According to this mom, if this feature is not in use, you can pull any strap or rope through that loop and then tie it securely to the front bar, which in turn, prevents the middle of the seat from sagging.

Secondly, some parents noticed that the stroller pulls strongly to one side, usually the right, if you’re passing through an uneven terrain with only one child inside the stroller. Again, the same mom found a way to solve this by throwing her purse or anything with a bit of weight on the empty seat or to the pouch of the back seat.


While the cons are found to be a common complaint of two or three parents against the Tech Double City x3 Swivel Stroller, it appears to be not true for all because more of the users did not encounter the said problems. These may be isolated incidents only.

Still, what makes this good is it’s easily resolvable so while you may contact the manufacturer to give your complaint, you can apply the suggestions given above so that it will serve as a “First Aid” to your stroller so you can still use it and not have to spend to buy another one.

Overall though, this stroller still garnered more raves than complaints and is well loved because of its above-stated features that give parents much assurance and convenience when out on a jog with their kids. Getting back into your exercise routines have certainly never been better!

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